Pixlr Photo Editor

pixlr photo editor

You are probably living under the rock if you didn’t heard of Pixlr photo editor. It’s one of the best online photo editors available.

If you’re familiar with Photoshop or similar desktop application, you’ll probably find Pixlr photo editor easy to use. If not, learning curve is not so steep for average computer user to learn basic options. It support multiple layers like Photoshop, but with some experimenting, you’ll go along with them pretty fast. It’s using flash technology and it’s pretty much responsive.

You can start with new blank document, or load existing from your hard disk drive or even online images. It has a set of filters and image manipulation tools similar to Photoshop.

Unfortunately, Pixlr can’t export to much formats, only couple of standard ones like jpg, bmp, png, with addition of tiff which is not a standard one when talking about web formats as it’s mostly used for print projects. You can also save to layered Pixlr image format with PXD extension so you can load it later into Pixlr. Pixlr can also send your master pieces to some online services like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, imm.io or it’s own library.

What I absolutely love about Pixlr photo editor is that you can open Photoshop files directly from your hard disk drive, and make changes in the last minute if you’re on a computer without Photoshop.

I just noticed one weak thing regarding saving… It’s pretty easy to lose your whole job when closing your browser with opened Pixlr. It doesn’t ask if you want to save your work. Let’s hope developers will add some exit code on browser close. :)

Anyway, three thumbs up for this piece of software, just be careful and save often. :)


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